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Bong Bowls

Bong Bowls are the glass 'bowl' shaped piece that fits into the downstem of the bong and holds your smoking mix. The bong bowl will always be the first part of your bong that needs replacing due to the huge amount of tar it will collect, or simply due to the frequency you will need to remove it for emptying and cleaning. Luckily you can buy bong bowls for a very cheap price online with a head shop. Glass bong bowls come with either a male or female glass on glass joint and the colours, sizes and designs of the bowl for bongs can vary from one extreme to the other. Basically the bigger the bowl the more smoking mix you can fit inside.
Glass bong bowls can be found for sale at prices starting from as little as £9.99, If you need a cheap glass bong bowl then I suggest you buy an unbranded one.

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About our Glass Bong Bowls for Sale

All of the bong bowls for sale come in all sizes covering 14.5, 18.8 and 29.2 mm's and are made from the best glass available. You can buy bong bowls from many places online but the best is as they have a great selection of glass bong bowls

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Reasons to buy a glass bowl for a bong

Both male bong bowls and female bong bowls can be found for sale online our cheap shop. A glass bowl for bongs is a great way to liven up your smoking sessions. Check out this online bong shop for more styles. See info on purchasing glass bongs over the net. Also check out LemonSmoke.

bong bowls

14.5, 18.8 & 29.2 Bong Bowls for Sale

Now for the slightly more complicated part, there are currently 4 different sizes of bowls for bongs that you can buy. Before you find a bong bowl for sale that you like enough to buy, you will need to find out the joint size of the downpipe that comes out of your glass bong. The most common sizes are 14.5 and 18.8 which are measured in millimeters, the other two less common sizes of bong bowl are 10 and 29.2, so it is crucial you measure first.

Also you might find that you need a female bowl rather than a male, which is uncommon as the majority of bongs need male bong bowls rather than female bong bowls. The most common use for these would be with concentrate rigs as these often come in amazing shapes for cheap prices when compared to other unique glass art.