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Need to buy bong bowls? OR do you need to find bong bowls for sale?

Things to check when you buy a bong bowl

When you want to buy a bong bowl you will be most likely full of excitement at the thought of customizing your bong. Before you buy a bong bowl make sure to check the size as you may need an adapter for it to fit your bong.

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You also need to think about the size screen or gauze your new bong bowl will require, some glass bowls for bongs even have built in glass screens which are a very convenient method as keeping a personal stock of screens can get very annoying. If you do ever run out then you can put foil over your bong bowl and make small holes, but that should be a last resort!

Cheap Bongs for Smoking

I just wanted to drop a link to a really cool bong shop that sells cheap bongs; For many of us stoners money is tight because herb can be pretty expensive. Then again it is cheaper than alcohol, but never the less we all like to save money where possible so cheap bongs is a fantastic option for the savvy stoner.